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Tech in Care
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Our team is constantly looking for the latest technological advances in the care sector and building strategic partner ships that would improve and facilitate your day-to-day task’s.  

  • Plan management and medical information management platforms.


  • Accessible solutions to monitor health data and support with challenging behaviours.

  • Smart home systems focusing on assisting independent living.  




The space where you spend most of your time is often at home, but when it relates to specific autism spectrum disorders and other diagnosis, the space is the difference between a happy day or an overwhelming day.

Request as part of your appointment, a visit from one of our specialised designers to receive a list of suggestions to create a safe and special place to your loved one.

Our team also has the ability to design and build personalised sensory rooms, customised to specific needs.

Space Alterations

Care and Medical support


Environment and Sustainability

Education and entrepreneurship