Logo Story

Is it a lightbulb?…. Is it a balloon?…. Is that a brain? …. Use your imagination!
The imaginative Care logo is a powerful image evoking the culture of innovation and care that helps people with a disability and their families.

From a design perspective, the logo font type was chosen for a friendly and approachable style, with the use of lowercase letters. The blue tones were chosen as healthcare colours, and they transmit the Imaginative Care values.

The Imaginative Care logo can be seen as a lightbulb, consistent with the organisation’s focus on technology and on lighting the way.

The Imaginative Care logo can also be seen as a balloon. The balloon represents the rising of the organisation, as well as the big picture view obtained from looking at the whole of a situation from above.

Many Imaginative Care participants have serious neurological conditions, so the top part of the logo can be seen as a brain as well as a balloon or lightbulb.

What do you see when you look at the logo?

Imagine a more independent and fulfilling life for you and your loved ones

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